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Production / Scenic Design Services

For Live Event & Experiential Marketing

Always passionate about design. 

Bringing brands to life.

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Live musical performances and events connect with audiences on many levels, offering attendees a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience.


The production design is a vital layer to any performance, enhancing or deepening the experience, whether it’s a stand-alone concert or a performance within a larger event.


When there’s an event there’s sure to be broadcast media.

Live, live-to-tape, webcast, live-stream, and even just archival content. If you’re capturing content you want to have the best look possible. There are on-screen design considerations, camera placements, tech areas, and staging issues, all to be addressed.


We strive to attack those broadcast challenges in order to produce the highest quality content.


Press Arrivals aren’t just banners and carpet these days.

A wide variety of media outlets rely on the press areas in order to get their shot at entertainers and celebrities. Sponsors and networks use the press opportunity to promote their goals. Red Carpet Design combines crucial function with essential creativity.


It’s the

“event before the event”.


Event and Experiential Design can include parties, brand activations, sporting events, award ceremonies, and countless other creative activities.


These events are where your audience meets your message. Great design will help you deliver that message.


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We can be the design behind your entertainment and marketing. We work on every scale and collaborate with Clients, Producers, Directors, and Creatives. Our passion is delivering exceptional service. With over 20 years of experience in live events, we thrive on being part of the team.

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We offer full-service design from ideation to completion. All of our designs are fully rendered for presentation and drafted for bidding or construction. We can also accommodate production graphic creation to reduce outsourcing. 


Whether you need a concept or a full package we are ready to create.


Presentation is a vital step in the production process. We can render and sketch in several formats with various software solutions, giving you an option for realistic or stylized presentation graphics.


Our 3d modelling is done in scale, in order to maintain the integrity and producibility of the design. 


Drafting is a critical line of communication for everyone involved in the production. Clients can see accurate details, scene shops can get exact and essential build information, managers can
be certain of what is being created, and technical teams can exchange information quickly and precisely.


 We can draft ground plans, section drawings, elevations, details, and schematics. It's our goal to make our drafting both technically sound and visually attractive.



For those projects where an element of realism is critical to your objective, we can produce high quality realistic renderings. These sketches use the latest professional rendering engines and can be tailored to your needs and altered easily.  

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