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A little exterior rendering . . .

So for this week's posting I've pulled an older rendering to use. Of course when I say "older" I mean just a couple of months "older". This exterior scene is something that I actually did for a project; so I couldn't post it at the time. It was one of the first Corona renders that I tried; so some parts of the sketch aren't my favorite. (Mostly some of the material applications.) But for a quick sketch, it was mind-blowing at the time. This was one of the experiments that caused me to delve further into Corona.

House Exterior: Rendering

This was also the project I used in order to research and experiment with real bladed grass in C4d. I was happy with the grass result (a realistic "bladed" look without adding hours of rendering time) but I really didn't take much time to mess with the terrain mesh underneath. So, while I was happy about the yard, I think I could improve the natural flow of it much better at this point. After this project I worked on various terrain treatments (see my June 10th blog posting:

House Exterior: Research image

The purpose of the sketch in this project was to completely re-create the research image. So there was very little "creative liberty" taken on this one. Ultimately it's not a bad re-creation sketch. It's a little rigid, so upon repeated viewing it loses some of the illusion of reality. But it was a quantum leap from where my realistic exteriors had been, before I started using Corona. It was a two-day affair: day one for modelling in Vectorworks, and day two for material application, lighting, and rendering.

So I learned some lesson at the time, found more avenues to explore, and got my feet wet with something new. All in all, not a bad challenge. Thanks for reading!

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