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A long-past-due 2022 event.

Sorry for falling off the blog-posting for awhile. With the Covid restrictions receding in 2022 I returned to my position as the Head of Creative for the Joe Lewis Company. Honestly, I couldn't be happier to be back with a company that I invested a lot of time and energy into growing. Things haven't completely "rebounded", as everyone keeps saying. But they're trending in the right direction; which has resulted in some nice projects and some clients who are ready to invest in what we do once again.

I'll keep this one short again, and let the pictures speak for themselves. This was the red carpet premiere and screening of Stranger Things Season 4, for Netflix. I could have sworn I already posted about this one (because it was so long ago) but I guess there was so much going on I totally forgot.

After a few days in NYC, trying to lock down a location, we finally decided to have the event at the new Netflix Brooklyn studio. It's a beautiful new multi soundstage venue that Netflix built in order to accommodate a lot of the new work it had been producing. Covid slowed down the grand opening for awhile, but they were up and functional in time for us to move in. Using three of their soundstages we were able to accommodate the arrivals and press lines, while also creating a stage for audience-attended interviews. The screening occurred in another adjacent studio as well. Logistically it worked out perfectly. We were able to create nice methods of connecting the spaces, while maintaining the ability to close down certain spaces at times.

As the audience and press moved into the screening, the main two soundstages were flipped into a giant post party. (You can see what became the main bar in some of the photos.) It was very effective, and the entire event felt more like a long festival rather than a one-off event. One of the biggest challenges was spreading out the budget so that we could create an entirely 360-degree event in all of the spaces. Video projection helped fill a lot of the blank spaces on the walls, but Netflix was really willing to invest in letting us take the creative from the show and turn it into some good dimensional scenery.

Original 3D overhead of the press space.

Theatrical lighting helped as well. And anyone who has worked with me knows that I always advocate going the extra mile with theatrical lighting. It always pays off. One of the other things that helped us was that Netflix was very willing to work with us on the flow of the overall event. We negotiated the flow so that the layout would help us direct the focus of the audience. By keeping them active and engaged we were better able to control the feeling of the room.

Interview stage and broadcast.

Ok. . . Hopefully that's enough info on that one. I have a lot of catching up to do; so that I'm able to get a few more of the late 2022/early 2023 events into the blog. Thanks for reading!

Main Press Wall rendering

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