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A strange 2019 continues. . .

Well a strange 2019 continues. . . Since my last blog post in May I've had 12 events take place. I've worked on another 3 events that didn't happen. And I designed a large amount of scenery to be included in a presentation response for an RFP. Yet I don't seem to have any good photos to show; which is why it's taken me so long to post. 2019 just seems to be like that. Not getting spectacular budgets to produce amazing work, leading to a shortage of cool photos. Sometimes feeling like I'm rubbing two sticks together in order to make something creative magically appear. And just doing a lot of work that is killed, for one reason or another, before it even gets its feet off the ground. I'm back to mixing metaphors; which is never a good sign. . .

But let's take a minute to celebrate some little victories. The Instabooth for the 2019 BET Awards Red Carpet turned out great. Not only did we have a great final product, but the collaborative process with the client was fantastic. It was probably the highlight of my 2019 so far due to the nature of the process. Sure, I would have loved a little more time to develop things, a little more load-in to have some details refined, and a schedule that allowed me to focus on this project without having to juggle the other half-dozen things on my plate. But all of that aside, the communication with this client was such a joy it made up for the challenges we encountered.


This was year #2 with this specific BET client. If you can remember back (or search the my web site) for the 2018 BET Instabooth you'll recall that we created the MO' BETA BODEGA. And I felt like that was a nice success as well. In fact it had a lot of detail that we just didn't have time for this year due to our process being about half the duration of the previous event. But that was part of the amazing surprise of this year. With half the time we were still able to develop something, go through a lot of options and alternatives, visualize our ideas, kick it up the corporate ladder, and move the event into realization. It was a testament to all of the people who helped ideate, create, and distribute. Even with everyone also working on the main BET Awards Red Carpet we were still able to achieve a great product without sacrificing either event.

The sketch for an LED floor variation, which was killed due to cost and load-in logistics.

One of the other things that made it more satisfying for me this year was the final result of the Instagram video. (I would add some video content here, but I don't have the rights for that.) BET was able to grab a LOT of useful video from the installation. In addition to the Instagram postings they were able to get content for their web site and B-Roll for the Red Carpet show. It was very satisfying to see the client get so much use out of the design.

So, there you go. . . a little positive experience for the start of September and the second half of the year. We also had a good Comedy Central Roast the other day; so stay tuned for some news on that event as well. Thanks for reading!

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