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Another animation test.

This is just another type of animation test. I'll have another blog soon on what I think about white models. They certainly have their place. This animation test rendered in less than an hour. And you can see how something like this, if achievable with speed, could be very useful in the design process. This is a portion of the scenic model for the 2018 BET Awards Red Carpet. You'll find some other renderings, as well as a few photos of the final product, on my main web site. We never had the time to create the full model of every scenic element on the red carpet. We just ran out of time and had to quickly move into the production phase of this project. That's pretty common on these large red carpets. Especially when they have a lot of graphics. You can go back and forth quite a bit with the client on graphics, and that really eats into your time.

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