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Another Architectural Interior rendering.

Hmmm. Just found this one from a couple of weeks ago. I was working on lighting and materials in Corona, and came up with this interior image. This was another one-day project; and I distinctly remember that at the end of the day I was rushing to tweak the props so that the room looked a little more "lived-in". I spent a lot of time working with different wall and floor materials, and that kept me from refining a few things. But it wasn't bad in the end.

I think, in retrospect, I should have just made the graphic ghost painting on the brick wall. I kept looking for an authentic, cool piece of ghost painting to pull from a building and I never really found what I wanted. I had trouble finding something I could pull where the writing wasn't obscured by something. I think if I would have just found some good research, then replicated the painting technique with my own artwork, I would have saved time and been a little happier with the result. I'm not totally disappointed by the old Shlitz Beer branding, but it was really low-res so the line-work didn't turn out as nicely as I wanted.

original research image

Anyway. . . Corona render. Architecture in Vectorworks. Model in C4d. Furniture and props are purchases. "Dogs Playing Cards" artwork . . . well, Google it yourself and see just how many results you get. It's amazing.

Thanks for reading!

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