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Back to render an old design. . .

With a little time on my hands, I went back to an old design that I never had the chance to fully render. There were lots of reasons for that at the time; accelerated schedule, lower-budget production, and the software/hardware I had at the time could never have handled a large venue with lots of real 3d people. Anyway. . . I went back and took a shot at rendering it, with Corona Render and C4D. Didn't want to take a week to do it, so I limited myself to a two-day challenge. First day to gather the model pieces, and convert some old individual pieces into C4D. Second day to add materials, lighting, and render.

It didn't turn out bad at all. If I was really prepping this for a presentation I would add some more of the elements we actually had at the event. It was just wonderful to have the hardware/software to be able to get all of this into a model and play around. The render itself took less than ten minutes. Amazing. Back when I designed this it would have taken twice as long to just render the center DJ structure.

Didn't want this to be a long post; just wanted to show off a rendering experiment. Thanks for viewing!

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