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Back to the renders!

Hi everybody! So, after a short break to work on my web site last week, I'm back with another rendering. Or, as my new website calls them, a new "realistic" rendering. This is another two-day project, with my buddy Corona Renderer. Is it ironic that 2020 is the year I discovered Corona Renderer??? Um. . . yeah. We'll leave it at that.

Liana Tulum House: Rendering view 01

All right, I promised to keep these two-day projects as short posts. So I'll make this quick. This is the Liana Tulum House; a project in Tulum, Mexico. I believe that these are similar units with slightly different décor but similar layouts. I only say that because I had a few research images of this room, but they all had different décor in them. I couldn't figure out if some were photos and others were sketches. Or if it was the same room but taken at different periods. It was a little confusing, and since it had nothing to do with what I was doing I admit that I didn't look too much into the issue. Basically it was a cool room, so I used it as inspiration. And, as I just looked online to check my spelling, I found a floor plan layout of the room. That would have saved my a lot of time trying to deduce measurements and layouts from just image resources. Ugghh. There's a lesson for you: Do your research!!!

Liana Tulum House: Rendering view 02

Here are the details: Day One was modelling, Day Two for everything else. Then, after doing a nice 2-hour rendering at the end of the day, I worked on it for a few more hours on Day Three in order to get a second reverse shot. Not quite three days total, but I'm happy that I took a little extra time to complete the model.

Some nice lighting here, and I'm very happy with the time I put into the trees and landscape outside. As usual, I didn't want to spend too much time on it (I could have wasted a whole day playing around with trees) but I wanted it to be nice. I think the effect turned out very well. I'm also happy with some of my propping. I think I went far enough to make the scene come to life a little; without going too overboard.

Also, I finally did a nice "daytime" look instead of my usual moody evening looks. My wife said my renderings were looking a little depressing. Nicely executed, I'm assuming, but depressing. So I wanted to do a fully lit scene, so that I couldn't hide anything in the shadows. Of course my DoF blurs some details in the distance, helping me out a bit. But we won't mention that. . .

That's the scene of the week. Thank, as always, for reading!

Liana Tulum House: research images

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