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Bowman Lofts

This week's challenge was inspired by the Bowman Loft apartments in Vancouver. While my version is "loosely based", the architecture is very easily recognizable. I've tagged my apartment with another neon sign; which seems to be my current curiosity. Eventually I'll spend the time to add all of the hardware and wiring to my neon sculptures. But for now it just isn't crucial. I've also included the raw "un-neoned" version for those of you who are distracted by all of the flash.

BOWMAN LOFT: rendering 01

The first shot was intended to be an "afternoon" look. I'm getting mostly bounce from the apartment building across the street. Honestly, if you take away that building and just let the sunlight blow out the glass windows it really looks a lot more like an afternoon photo. It's interesting how the building affects that illusion. That's one element I could re-work to get a nicer result. I've also included an "evening" look; where I just tweaked the Interactive Lighting in the original rendering. The buildings are reading a lot better in that image, although I'd love to add something like a lamp post out there in order to give some street lighting affect.

BOWMAN LOFT: rendering 02

As promised, here's the "raw" version without the neon. It's actually looking a lot more like a "late-morning" look than the neon version. That neon lighting is probably the thing that's distracting me in the original rendering. I think it's probably overpowering the natural light.

BOWMAN LOFT: rendering 03

And for those of you who are interested in the research, I've included some of the photos I used for inspiration.

I appreciate how I was able to begin filling out the overall dressing of the apartment. (I was able to develop a great pipeline for getting 3dsMax models into C4d.) But I really don't love the lighting units I selected. I didn't like the lighting in the research images, and I was having a hard time finding units that I really thought fit the space. I ended up selecting a couple of industrial warehouse lights that I had in stock; and they just aren't doing it for me. So, if I had to go back and fix a few things, the lighting would be at the top of my list. I think it could make the overall room look a little more dynamic.

Well that's the rendering of the week. Thanks for reading!

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