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Catchy Title

When I open my blog to make a post, the page always prompts me to enter a "catchy title". . . . So this entry is just going to be called "Catchy Title". I suppose it's a little bit like using the word "password" as a password. But lets not think too hard about it; it's just a title. (My Creative Writing professors from college are screaming right now.)

I missed posting for a few weeks because I actually had a real project. Yes, there are some little signs that my industry is starting to slowly awaken. I'm not getting too excited. We keep getting pounded with the reality that this pandemic will be around for awhile. But it was nice to get back to the work that I have been trained to do. The layoff has been hard for a heck of a lot of people, and sometimes it's a challenge to get out of bed and be productive every day. I haven't been immune to doubt and insecurity, and there have been times that I've wondered if my career in this business was truly over. But a little hard work goes a long way to picking up your spirits! That's part of why I do these rendering challenges. The last three weeks were a good reminder of why I do what I do. And they have motivated me to work even harder in anticipation of returning to that work.

Without further ado. . . here's the challenge project that I had started before the other work kicked in. At this point I'm not sure how long this challenge has taken. I know I accomplished the modelling and a lot of the 3d setup work in just a day. But I worked on this off and on, in between other things. Ah well. I took this morning to finish off the props and lighting; then kicked out these two renderings.

Surprise! There's actually not a research image for this one! I just sort of made up this scene. At first it was going to be a bar. . . then it turned into more of a coffee shop/lunch counter. I just let it take me where it was going. I needed it to be a fun, lighthearted project so I just did whatever made me happy rather than trying to match something.

Anyway. . . that's it! Glad to get back into posting; and we'll have to see what comes up later this week: another 3D challenge, or possibly more real work (???).

Thanks for reading!

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