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Hello 2021! . . .about a month late . . .

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Ok, so I really missed the arrival of 2021. I was a little busy! I swear! Well, the holidays were hectic, in a good way. But that rolled me quickly into the new year without much free time on my hands. For a brief moment it looked like we were going to try and get some "virtual" events on the calendar. Then everything locked-down again. That pushed all of my projects down the calendar a few weeks. So I was on-again off-again working through January. It was . . . odd? . . . challenging? Something like that. It was unusual; how about that?

Anyway. . . with February starting, and the possibility of some new work on the horizon, I thought I'd take a moment to get back in the swing of posting to my blog again. I played with a little rendering this morning (posted below) just to get the juices flowing. Yeah, more neon. (Or tinted fluorescent tubes.) Sorry. It's kind of becoming "my thing". I'm sure its a phase, and it will pass. But I love watching what the lighting does to the rest of a room/environment with just a couple of objects and textures. It's hard core minimalism.

I also updated my web site a little last week. I thought I would add a "Graphic Design" tab. I never advertise myself as a pure Graphic Designer; I have so much respect for those who commit their careers to specific applications of Graphic Design, while I feel like Graphic Design is a "skill" that I have rather than a career I've developed. However every time I speak with someone about the quantity of graphic work I do they always say "Geez! By definition you do just as much graphic work as any Designer." Maybe they're right, and I'm just short-selling myself. Irregardlessly (Yes, I know that's not even close to being a real word. But I love saying it because it drives my wife absolutely bonkers.) I've added a section with some graphic experience. Check it out if you'd like. I tried not to get too "out of hand" with it; just some practical experience and reference images.

Well thanks for reading this short entry. And, hey, welcome to 2021! Let's all hope its a great one for everybody.

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