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Hey! Work!

. . . As in, "Hey! This is some work I've done recently." Last week, to be exact. So the NHL had their televised Draft Weekend, and every team had to set up a "war room" style area from which to broadcast. The Kings tapped us to quickly develop theirs, since we were already in the middle of a few other projects for them (more on those later).

The sketch of the winning design for the Kings War Room.

In two days we developed, rendered, and cost-estimated five concepts for them. Even by normal standards it seemed like a very quick process. Fortunately, as I mentioned, we were in the middle of a few other things for the Kings. So I had their branding and style firmly stamped on my brain. Riffing on ideas wasn't that tough.

Photos of the Warm Room in action.

Once the design was chosen I drafted the scenic pieces in a day, then rushed them off to the print and scene shops. They built everything in two days and had it packed on a truck for delivery less than a week after the whole thing had started. So, while I had to set a precedent like that, it was actually a pretty impressive process.

A couple of the "other" concept sketches.

One of the things I was really pleased with was the ability to crank out fully-rendered sketches in an authentic environment. We did five concepts, with three sketch views for each concept. It was a hefty presentation packet for a small, quick job. But we didn't cut corners; we gave the client quality sketches and a very professional presentation. The scene shop received accurate CAD drawings, not pencil scratches on a napkin. And the print shop had print-ready files already scaled and ready to go. Regardless of the size of a project or status of a client, I always feel like it's my responsibility to maintain these levels of quality. (And if you've read some of my other blog posts, you've heard this speech before. . . )

Well that's it. Thanks again for reading! I hope to have some more "work examples" for you very soon.

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