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Just had to squeeze another one in this week. . .

I had a little extra time, so I quickly worked-up this scene. Not much going on. I didn't really use an "inspiration image" this time, I just started messing around. I knew I wanted to do something exterior, and something with a bit of a night feeling. I didn't even come up with a clever name for this one; it's just called Exterior.

Exterior: Rendering

I was able to get some good practice with Corona lighting sources on this one. The Corona Renderer lights are a little tough, because they're so simple (if that makes any sense). I'm very used to the native biased lighting in C4d's Physical Renderer. It's very easy to control every tiny aspect of the lighting. Of course that's not "real" lighting, which is the point of biased rendering. Corona renders look great, but you have to let go of some of the control. (Which can be hard for us control freaks.)

Once you do let go you can get some very impressive results. You can also spend a few hours tweaking everything; because everything you change just looks even better than before. Eventually you have to stop and move on to the next project. Which is what I'm doing now . . . thanks for reading!

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