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Kicking off the week. . .

So I've been doing these one-day and two-day rendering challenges for a couple of months now; if you've read some of my other posts that won't be any news to you. Instead of doing the same old intro every time, I've decided to just post the images, the details, and maybe a comment or two. That way you won't have to sift through my musings every time. (I really can't imagine they're all that fascinating.)

Modern Kitchen: Rendering

Here we go. . . Modern Kitchen is another fabulous Corona Render. Architecture built in Vectorworks. Model assembly in C4d. This time I built a good portion of the furniture/props myself; the stools, the bar counter, the hanging bulb assembly. I wanted to try and stay true to the original research, so those elements were essential. I took some time to re-create the artwork on the wall, that was rewarding. I also took a little more time with the brickwork and the lighting. All of that pushed me a little over the one-day limit, but I probably stayed a little under the one-and-a-half-day deadline.

Modern Kitchen: Research Photo

As a side note: I've been taking a lot of Rhino classes lately. I'm not sure it will ever replace my Vectorworks for the architectural builds. Vectorworks is just too good at a lot of the traditional CAD systems and processes. Rhino was developed more for object creation rather than structures. Sure, you can work around it, and some very good architectural modelers have developed excellent methods. But Vectorworks doesn't need workarounds for those things, it's already a full-package architectural drafting program. Anyway. . . one day I may unleash my newfound Rhino skills. I just have to figure out where they will be appropriate. So much of my work is in finding efficiencies, rather than forcing unnecessary things into my workflow because they're new or different. It took me awhile to get Corona prepped, but it sure has paid off now that I can utilize it seamlessly. We'll just have to see. There are many things on my "to-do" list. I never seem to get bored with trying new things.

Thanks for reading/viewing!

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