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March turnarounds . . .

A quick post for the second week of March, and I've picked an optimistic title for this one. We're all hoping that March is indeed going to provide some turnaround for everyone. Spring is on the way (although it's a chilly 36 degrees in my part of SoCal this morning) and I'm starting to see live events creeping their way back into view. We all know about the elephant in the room, so I won't jinx anything by mentioning that stuff. Let's just say its a good season for turnarounds. Let's keep it positive.

This is going to be a quick rendering post. I have a lengthier post concerning the Grammy's from last weekend. But I like to be a couple of weeks out of an event before I post things about it. I feel like it's a little nicer to clients, not to immediately start pushing things out there before the live event has had a chance to settle. And it also gives me some distance and perspective, so that I'm not writing from a completely emotional place. Suffice it to say I think it was another successful year on the red carpet, especially considering the circumstances. I was vert grateful to be designing my fifth Grammy red carpet, and I can't thank those involved enough. More on that soon.

Until then, I have another render that I'd started before work began to pick up. This home is called The Meadow House; and I saw it one evening on the Architecture feed I follow on Instagram. I thought it was an interesting study: open room, big windows, water, trees.

The Meadow House: Rendering

I jumped into the project with a two-day schedule in mind. I did my modelling and furniture-grabs on day 1, got halfway through the texturing and lighting on day 2, then got hit with a few work projects that sidelined this for weeks. Yesterday, in the aftermath of the Grammys, I decided to kick out a rendering before I let this go on too long.

The Meadow House: DOF Rendering Closeup

I'm fairly pleased, even though I didn't have nearly enough time to get some of the details I wanted. Upon close inspection you can find some faults that really would have been fixed in a more polished project. As usual, C4d and Corona Renderer. Still

pumping out great results with minimal tweaking and fast turnaround. Every time I look at this image I wonder why they've decided to build a fire on what looks like a very warm day? Whatever . . . I wanted to render some fire. Let it go.

The Meadow House: Actual Research Photos

There you have it. Another fast realistic rendering. This one was a lot of fun, until I was pulled away. Then I started to feel very rushed. Ugh. The curse of designing. One of the most important lessons any young designer can learn is how to balance the process of creating something (art) with the constraints of time (resources, support, etc). Once you learn that, give me a call and let me know. Because I've been dealing with these things for over 25 years and they can still drive me crazy!!! Sigh.

Thanks for reading! Talk to you soon, with some updates on the work-front. -e.

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