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Moving quickly in 2022.

So much for staying up-to-date with my 2022 blog posts. I looked at my last entry, and a couple of months ago I had been confident that I was going to be able to stay caught up with things. Then the bottom fell out. This week I started work on my 27th project/event of the year. 27!!!! It's not necessarily making me rich, but it sure is keeping me busy. I can't complain about that.

Due to the amount of work that I'm still cranking out, I'm going to make this a very fast entry. Fewer words, more photos. Here we go! . . . .

The first photo is from the American Film Institute's Life Achievement Award ceremony. They honored Julie Andrews this year. This event was a simple red carpet, much like a lot of the movie premiere red carpet events that I design. Logistics, plans, and graphics. Very straightforward.

Staying in that same line of work . . . the next event photo is from the TCL Chinese Theatre's Hand & Foot Ceremony for Elvis Presley. No, they didn't actually get the hand and footprints of Elvis. But they did assemble his wife, kids, and grandkids for the event. Strangely none of them looked very happy to be there in any of my photos. I think the unhappiness had a little more to do with the extreme heat that day rather than the event itself. I've done a few of these Hand and Footprint events this year, and they move quickly. I rattle off as many graphic mockups as possible, shift around some ground plan changes, then rush everything off to production.

We're going to jump around in time in order to stay with the Hand & Footprint events. The next one up was for the movie Minions: The Rise of Gru. (Notice the tent this time.)

Yes, they had the cartoon Minions leave their hand & footprints at the TCL Chinese Theatre. It was interesting, since the poor Minions couldn't bend over without falling. A nice event, though. And Steve Carell is always as sharp as a tack. I had to throw in one of the renderings from process, since it was interesting trying to add various balloon-art arches into the design. I get asked to do strange things . . .

Staying at the TCL Chinese Theatre, but moving back to the Premiere Red Carpet Events . . . we have here one of the renderings for The Black Phone Premiere. It seems to be a pretty unique thing, but I do build full 3d models for most of my premier events. The clients now just request it for everything.

They love to see multiple views, and they appreciate how I show the other production elements and not just a 2d mockup of the graphics. Of course I do also provide mockups of just the graphics, in order to expedite the revision process. It's all part of the packet. I'm sure its a post for another time, but the process I've created for these events works very well.

It allows me to wrap the presentation process into the creative process. So, basically, creating all of the parts of my deliverables packet becomes a method to design. And that gives me the format to create without sacrificing the amount of return I can delivery in a timely manner.

Where did I leave off? Oh yes, more red carpet events. Staying, again, at the TCL Chinese Theatre. . . we followed up the Minions Hand & Foot Ceremony with a Minions: Rise of Gru Premiere Red Carpet.

Hey, I had all of the movie assets already. You know the routine, (since this is our third red carpet premiere event in this blog post) it's graphics, logistics, ground plan, mockups, print files, production. . . and we're off! I'll let the photos speak for themselves, since this post is now running long.

And I'll stop there for now. You may have noticed that these are all relatively small events. I have a couple of larger events that need their own separate blog post. So I'll try to do those next. At least this shows a few of the things that have been keeping me busy over the last few months. As an old mentor of mine used to say, "more to follow!" . . . . and thanks for reading!

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