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Quick start to the week with a fast scene.

Hi everybody!

I thought I'd start off the week exercising my rendering skills. I didn't have much to render last week, and just those few days off had me feeling a little rusty. It's always good to stay in shape!

And so, with absolutely no reference or plan, I jumped into this scene. My first thought was to create a lounge area on a space craft. Sci-Fi (or SyFy, if you're watching tv) scenes are always good starting points. They tend to help free me of the physical constraints that I'm used to applying when I work on realized projects. Although I very quickly realized that a spaceship bar/lounge would be so cliche I'd constantly be fighting to keep my ideas from deviating into traditional decisions. So it became more of a Cityscape/Rooftop Bar Lounge.

All I knew for sure was that I wanted to try those hexagonal windows. Then it became "hexagonal windows on a curved wall". And, racing against the clock, I filled in the details from there.

So here it is! A six-hour scene from start to finish. I would love to tweak the lighting to sculpt out the scenery and figures a little more (that's the theatrical lighting designer in me). And, as usual, I'd love to spend some more time on subtle details. But I'm not disappointed with the effort! It certainly did what I wanted: got me cranking things out in 3d space again.

Thanks for reading!


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