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September begins. . .

. . . is the only title I could think of for this week's challenge posting. I know, a little boring. But, with a newborn in the house, I've been in a bit of a continual fog. That didn't stop me from the weekly challenge though! This week I decided to do something a little closer to my actual occupation and training. This quick (albeit slightly generic) convention booth structure was born out of a few research images, and a few ideas of my own. The real challenge with this one was in the modelling. There is a good amount of structure and hardware on this guy and, without having an image that I was just replicating, it was a crunch to get the modelling all done in one sitting. Especially since, as I mentioned above, I get interrupted sporadically in order to feed or change an infant.

Rendering 01: Booth Project

I had some trouble mapping the graphics on the scenery this time. And that became a good learning exercise within this overall challenge project. I discovered that sometimes my geometry doesn't export very well from Vectorworks.

Rendering 02: Booth Project

It wasn't an issue with the modelling itself, it was just a little glitchy. I often get geometry with really whacked-out polygons when I export from Vectorworks. (That's technical jargon.) Trying to mend that geometry within Cinema4d doesn't always work out as well as I'd like. I discovered that the best solution was to just go back to the original Vectorworks geometry and re-export.

That solved the problem immediately, and I was able to apply the graphics to the booth without any further issues.

Rendering 03: Booth Project

I have to admit I was quite pleased with how everything else turned out in this two-day challenge. Of course I would have liked to prop-out the sketch a little more. But I think I say that for every rendering. It would be great to have the time to meticulously tweak the design. When I'm working on an actualized design, I always make the time to get these details included. I think, when I do these self-initiated challenges, I've learned to let them go and move forward to the next one. Or else I run the risk of spoiling the enjoyment of the challenge.

Well that's it for this week. I'll be back next week with another project. I'm not yet sure what I'm going to tackle next time; but I have a few days to think up something good. . . . thanks for reading!

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