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Wait! More rendering fun. . .

I had a little rendering-fun recently. I've always had trouble with natural elements and terrain in 3D. It's just hard to achieve those environments because they are so organic and seemingly random. I crammed a lot of tutorial training into a few days, and started cranking out experiments. That led to more playing around. The results were four images, at one-image-per-day. Just like with the two-day challenges, the goal was to forgo the polished/refined rendering and focus on speed and agility.

After I finished the first model I decided to drop in some figures. That led to a motif for the week. It'll be obvious when you see the renderings.

Into The Wilderness

The first project focused on these great procedural rock formations and mountains. With a few adjustments this environment can be tweaked endlessly. It was very fun to play around and see what I could create. Ultimately I settled on this "alien desert" scene.

Cliffs Of Despair

For this one I wanted to practice some of the same techniques, but with vertical rock. I grabbed the footbridge from 3D Warehouse, so that I didn't get too bogged down in that modeling. Everything is modeled here - even the environment in the distant background. But it's still a fast render and allows for a ton of adjustment before rendering.

Space Station Standoff

Ok. So I wanted to switch things up and try an interior scene with artificial light sources. I kitbashed the space station so that (again) my modeling time could be reduced to a few hours. This gave me a little time to play with lighting and materials, in order to get a look I liked.

To wrap up the week I wanted to get back to some natural environments. I figured I had done the desert, so I might as well do the mountains. (The forest was another option, but I ran out of days.) As with all of these, there is NO Photoshop post-production tweaking. It's all done in the rendering. I started playing with LUTs in the end; which Corona Render allows you to add in the rendering process. But other than that these images are coming straight from the engine.

Anyway. . . just a little more fun. Thanks for taking a look!

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