graphic design

We do a substantial amount of in-house graphic design with every project we undertake. This ranges from the presentational materials we develop to large-format graphics produced for the event itself. We also have the experience and the capability to develop signage, maps, pitch decks, proposals, and other printed materials. 


Our specialty is the seamless integration of brand identity into design. Utilizing strong visual storytelling skills our goal is to collaborate with clients; bringing  ideas from concept through completion.  We take pride in our artistic side, staying current with design trends and being dialed-in to culture. But we flex our muscles with our technical side; knowing the processes and methods of getting the visual image produced accurately in the real world. 


We develop and create large-scale banners, posters and signage. We know how to design the graphics, prep them for printing, and oversee production and installation. Our experience with materials and methods of printing can be invaluable to a smooth and efficient production process. 




Over twenty years of working with Adobe Photoshop gives us a strong background in preparing just about any collateral needed. We use Illustrator and In-Design, as well as other supplemental software, to create raster and vector graphics. 



A large portion of our graphic design is manifested in the application to scenery.  We develop and create the graphics for wall and floor treatments, applied vinyl decals, custom printed carpets, and a myriad of other scenically printed applications.