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A rare weekend post.

Things have been busy, lately. So this model/rendering took a little linger than usual. I had to squeeze in time to work on this in between other things. But I wanted to keep things flowing, and keep myself sharp. (Mixed metaphors?)

I knew that I was due to attempt another exterior architectural rendering. They aren't my favorite, but I don't back down from challenges! They're getting better, I just need more practice. This was based on a building in Atlanta called the "Sanders House", so I named mine the "Sanderson House."

For some reason working on this model really slowed down my computer. I'm guessing it was from all of the trees, leaves, grass, etc. Although I kept those turned off most of the time. I'll have to do some exploration, because it was really frustrating to deal with while editing things. I'm used to flying around the model, and having the camera lag behind made me a little nutty.

Wins on this one: It's a pretty complete model. I feel like the environment is nice. There's some good detail (although I would have loved more). And I worked on some materials to get them to look better.

Need to work on: Making the overall composition a little more exciting. Adding some interior detail, to create interesting elements. And I'm still having trouble with materials on fillet edges. I think it's a normals issue on certain polygon groups. (Sorry, very nerdy talk.)

I did make some progress with creating a "Materials Test Lab" file where I can drop materials and work on them until I feel like they're correct. That was a good idea. Anyway. . . lots for me to think about, and it kept me in the game. I didn't use a lot of stock items, so that was a nice exercise.

We'll see what happens next week. Thanks for reading!

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