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How about a few more 2022 events?

Hey! I actually started off a 2022 blog post with using the word "overdue". Perhaps I'm going to be better at making regular blog posts from now on. Or maybe I'm just having a random slow day, and I knew I needed another update from the first quarter of the year. Only time will tell.

So let's get into the events that I didn't have time for in the last post. It's just a couple of events, so this post will be nice and brief compared to the rambling post from a couple of weeks ago.

First up we have a social media broadcast set for NFL ALL DAY that was built for the 2022 NFL Pro Bowl. We were in the middle of doing the throne photo op for NFL ALL DAY at the NFL Honors/Super Bowl Weekend when they reached out to us for this quick project. (Check out my last post for information on that throne set.) And the term "quick project" meant exactly that. In fact, with Pro Bowl Weekend the week before the Super Bowl, we actually had to design/build/activate this project prior to the event we were already creating. As I've said before, though, I love these condensed projects. While it's stressful to be pushed with these timelines I often find that extremely creative results can occur because of that very schedule.

This design was fun because the client actually asked for a little faux neon tube lighting. While that's nothing particularly unique, it meant they were thinking about lighting. And I like that.

Too often we do these little broadcast sets and they just throw a ton of front light on them. It usually ruins a lot of the cool subtlety of the design. When the client is thinking about lighting it's a good indicator that they want to maintain the details, and not just play in front of a bright background. They let the set actually be a little on the dark side, which is nice. Unfortunately I didn't get any high resolution photos of the set in action, these were all camera phone shots. So the tubes are blowing out the exposure. Ah well . . . happy clients, that's what matters.

As I said, this one went up and down very quickly. But they wanted us to keep it in storage for the possibility of rebranding a little and pulling it out for another event. So you may see it return. It would give me a chance to fix some of the smaller details.

Which brings me to the next event. . . if your eyes can adjust to the assault of color and pattern in these sketches. Its the 2022 NFL Pro Bowl Experience Gaming Tent. This was a demo/competition/meet-and-greet tent with some gamers from group Faze Clan. The NFL is notorious for creating some pretty . . . ummmm. . . how do I say this . . . elaborate? . . . style guides for their tentpole events. The Pro Bowl did not disappoint. And if you think these graphics were pretty crazy, you should see the rest of the style guide. There's more. So much more. Believe it or not, I actually turned this down a bit. They sure love it though. They aren't a subtle client at all. I kind of like that sometimes. I know a lot of designers who pull back on color but I've seldom been like that.

Sadly I didn't get any photos of this event at all! I wasn't at the load-in or event, and no one thought about sending me some pics. They were actually very busy with a few of the other events at the Pro Bowl Experience, so I forgive them. But I was dying to see just how the graphics came off in the end. Recently we pulled this one from storage and re-branded it for another NFL event. I still haven't heard back about photos from that one; but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

That's it for now. As I write I have another large project loading-in. So the next blog will have some results from that event, as well as some of the nice designs that kept me busy for most of March and April. Thanks again for reading!

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