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Off to a strange Spring already. . .

It's been a strange Spring already. I'm sorry, blog-viewers, that we didn't get an update in March. But there just weren't a lot of good show photos to publish. Either the shows were small, the photos were terrible, or I did a lot of "proposal" designing that just never reached realized production.

Things are warming up now, so we should have some photos soon. Until then I'll put forth some sketches I've done recently. They aren't the most interesting renderings; just a lot of sponsor areas. But these present their own challenges, in a way. (Usually financial challenges, lack of creative direction, and super-fast turnaround time.)

I will admit, I've been doing a LOT of designing lately regardless of the results. There have been a lot of simultaneous projects (albeit on the smaller side). So I've really been working on getting designs out fast without sacrificing the quality of the design or the presentation materials. I was having a discussion with a colleague recently, explaining this very thing. They wondered why I didn't hand-sketch, Photoshop-collage, or use simpler 3d software on projects that didn't have a lot of time/money. I attempted to explain how I attempted to approach every project with the same level of professionalism. And how this practice improved my skills, speed, and overall end-product regardless of how the project eventually evolved. It's something I could write a whole blog post about . . .so I'll earmark that one for the future. . . .

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