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Pain & Boredom

This week's two-day rendering project is inspired by a beautiful loft space designed by Kyla Ray Creative. I began the model based off of a single image I saw on Pinterest. But when I did a little more digging I found some other great photos on the Kyla Ray Creative web site. It's really a nice space, and it had the ideas flowing quickly.

Beatty St. Loft : Rendering [day]

I knew I'd be swapping out furniture and working on my own props/dressings. But I took a little extra time to play with the brick material and the floor. I also knew that I wanted to work on a neon element on the main wall - I just wasn't sure what I was going to do until the very end. I could have been a little more detailed with it; it's kind of floating there in front of the wall. It just didn't seem important enough, for this little exercise. The impact of the neon does the job.

Beatty St. Loft : research photo

When I started this project I was certain that I wouldn't make it under the two-day time limit. I knew I was going to play around with a lot of dressings. In fact I took a couple of hours to just get the books set up and archived in a manner that would allow me to access them again for future sketches. Yet things started falling into place quickly, and I was finalizing the rendering before I knew it.

After I completed the main rendering I went back and set up the Interactive Lighting, so that I could play around a little. It took another half-hour to kick out that rendering, but it allowed me to set up a nice "evening" look for a second image.

Beatty St. Loft : Rendering [evening]

This is the kind of project that I would love to re-visit eventually, in order to finish out the rest of the interior. After finding the other research photos showing the rest of the interior, I think it would be a great challenge. I would also like to go back and take another shot at roughing up the brick and testing a few other concrete materials on the far wall. I'm finding that I really need to develop good libraries of brick and concrete (as well as wood and flooring). I'll just add those to my big list of "things to do". . . .

Thanks for reading!

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